Back On Console Recording
Posted: 20:36 GMT - Wednesday, March 5th 2013
So, some of you may or may not know that a a couple of weeks ago, I bought a PlayStation 4 and have been getting back into console gaming. I also within the past few days have picked up a new footage capturing device to get back into console recording. "How are you doing this?" you may be asking yourself, seeing as the PlayStation 4 is strictly HDMI output only with HDCP protection: Well, the solution is to buy a signal splitter. Somehow, this seems to bypass the HDCP to get the video signal into your recording device. I'm not entirely sure what the technical explanation is, but somehow, it just... well, works. You can pick these up on Amazon for like £15 plus a couple o' quid delivery. I may or may not upload a video on how to do this, I suppose it all depends on how many comments, inbox's etc. I get on how to do this. Anyway, the first game I have decided to upload for my first PlayStation 4 walkthrough is Call of Duty: Ghosts. Happy gaming.
Sleeping Dogs: Year Of The Snake (DLC) - Mission #11 - New Years Eve

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